Building Europe through school exchanges

Milan, September 25th, 2008

Presentation of the results of the first pilot experience of individual student exchanges in Europe - Comenius Project IPM 2007/2008

The conference "Building Europe through school exchanges" was held in Milan with the participation of over 100 teachers, principals and experts. During the conference the results of the Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility pilot project were presented.

During the school year 2007/2008, the European Commission wanted to try for the first time an individual exchange programme for high school students in ten European countries. The exchange lasted for 3-5 months, from September to February and involved 300 students, who went to live with a family and attended classes in a foreign school.

The realization of this project was assigned to the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) and in Italy to the Intercultura Foundation. Italy participated with the higher numbers: as many as 81 Italian students went abroad, while 83 students came to Italy.

The Danish scholar Søren Kristensen followed the whole project, and made an assessment, submitted to European Commission officials.

The Intercultura Foundation has invited Soren Kristensen in Italy to present his conclusions during the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, on Thursday, September 25, 2008. 

The program included presentations by Italian students who participated in the pilot project and a panel with Francesca Gobbo, Fiora Imberciadori, Gisella Langé, Susanna Mantovani e Roberto Ruffino.