Forum on intercultural learning and exchange

FILE is the annual Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange sponsored by the Intercultura Foundation in Colle di Val d'Elsa (Italy), the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) in Brussels (Belgium) and AFS Intercultural Programs in New York (USA). It includes - by invitation - some sixty experts, researchers and practitioners in the field of international youth exchanges and intercultural learning. It is an opportunity for academics to meet and discuss with professionals and volunteers who work in the field of intercultural education - and for practitioners to learn about theories and researches in this field.

Topics that were touched so far: "Narrating the Re-Entry Experience" (2009) "The Other Side of Exchange: Intercultural Learning through Hosting" (2011),"The contributions of Exchange to Intercultural Learning for Educational Institutions" (2012), "Assessing Intercultural Learning in Student and Pupil Exchanges: Exploring Evidence of Success" (2013), "Intercultural Learning for Adolescents: Indicators and Measurement of Competence" (2014), "The school assessment of the intercultural learning of pupils during and after individual exchanges abroad" (2015), "The intercultural training of teachers: what, when, how?" (2016), "The intercultural training of teachers: from theory to practice" (2017), "Intercultural Learning: a Whole School Approach" (2018), "Value education in students' exchange" (2019).

The conference is in English.

FILE is an invitational conference, but there are also some places available for those interested in the subject.