Italian identity between Europe and multicultural society

Siena, December 12th - 14th, 2008

The European institutions have declared 2008 "Year of Intercultural Dialogue". The Intercultura Foundation contributed with numerous events,seminars,conferences and publications. Culminating event was the international conference "Italian identity between Europe and multicultural society", held in Siena in partnership with the Santa Clara University School of Siena.

Many authors have treated the subject of Italian identity and indicated values, symbols, myths, characters, behaviors, imaginary places, foods,gestures, situations that they identify as being Italian. What of this remains unchanged, and what changes under the impact of European integration, the arrival of millions of immigrants and the processes of globalization of politics and economics? Is there a "hard core" of our national identity that persists despite external influences so numerous and invasive? What image of Italy, realistic and not rhetoric, can we present to those approaching us from abroad today?

The Intercultura Foundation is particularly interested in these themes as it promotes international exchanges of young people to favor intercultural education, so the issue of cultural identity is particularly important.

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