Reconciling Babel. Education for Cosmopolitanism

Milan, April 7 - 9, 2011

The Intercultura Foundation has organized an international conference on “Reconciling Babel – Education for Cosmopolitanism”. The purpose of this conference was to favour a reflection on what it means today “global citizenship” and on how young people may be educated for this citizenship.

On Thursday April 7th and Friday April 8th, specialists from all over the world have been dealing with the topic  from different perspectives (the dialogue of civilizations, the ethics of a globalized world, education, communication, environment and solidarity) in the course of two hours workshops, where topics will be discussed with the conference participants, before being reported in a summary form to the following plenary session.

The conclusions have been presented in a public session at the Auditorium of the Regional Government of Lombardy on Saturday  April 9th, with reports from previous days discussions and debates with international guests from the world of education, communication and government.

The workshops have been held either in Italian or in English. The simultaneous translation has been available during the plenary sessions only.

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The proceedings are available HERE.