The intercultural training of teachers: what, when, how?

Colle Val d'Elsa, November 3rd - 5th, 2016

VII FILE topic: The intercultural training of teachers: what, when, how?


  • Should intercultural learning be a separate subject in the curriculum of pupils or should it cut across all subjects?

  • Which initial intercultural training for teachers? methodologies? content?

  • Or should it be part of their in-service training?

  • Which teachers should receive this training? foreign language teachers? others? all?

  • How do we check/assess the outcome?

  • Role of governments, teacher training colleges, educational agencies: how to promote cooperation on these topics?

  • How to promote teacher exchanges and international partnerships?

  • Examples of good practices

Desired outcomes

Proposals on:

  • how teacher training could include a preparation for the task of transferring an intercultural mindset to pupils in school.
  • how teachers can be given tools to provide intercultural learning opportunities for their pupils, esp. in secondary schools.

Pictures of the event are available HERE. Proceedings are available on this page.