The school I would like


Prof.ssa Susanna Mantovani

University of Milan Bicocca

The research "La Scuola che vorrei" ("The school I would like to have") presents a proposal for an ideal and feasible Italian school, through the reflections, desires, criticisms and opinions of a group of young people. It differs from similar studies dedicated to high school for three reasons:

  • it explores the ideas and proposals of young people and not of adult experts;
  • it is an intercultural research because it gives voice to reflections on our school from different perspectives, comparing different school cultures through the experience and discussion of the interviewed subjects;
  • it is the first and only research to date in Italy that tries to go into depth on this topic.

In this page we publish an abstract of the research (in Italian).

Conferences and presentations

Milano, 30 September 2010 (book presentation)